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How to draw YouTube channels for kids

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10 Best YouTube Channels To Teach Your Kids To Draw: Apps for Education…


As a parent, one of the best things you can do for your child is to help them foster their creativity. Learning how to draw is a great way to help them express themselves creatively and learn valuable life skills. If you want your child to learn how to draw but aren’t sure where to start, YouTube is a great resource.  

There are tons of YouTube channels that can teach your child how to draw at any level, from beginner to more advanced skills as they progress. In this article, we are going to share the ten best how to draw YouTube channels for kids.


Top 10 YouTube Channels to Help Kids Learn to Draw

If you have a crafty child who loves to draw, a great way to hone in on that talent is by finding videos and apps that can provide them with helpful tips and tools to perfect their skills. A resource used by many parents to do just that is YouTube videos. You can use this platform to access a vast selection of tutorials and educational channels that will keep your children engaged, entertained, and continuously growing and improving their drawing skills.


Here are our ten favorite YouTube videos that are dedicated to helping kids learn to draw.


Art for Kids Hub 

This family-run channel, Art for Kids Hub, is a great resource for teaching your kids how to draw. They have tutorials for all ages and abilities clearly marked on their page so you can select the right one for your child’s age level. Art for Kids Hub has fun, vibrant tutorials to learn how to draw everything you can imagine, from animals and holiday-themed pictures to your favorite TV show character like Bluey. With over 5.5 million YouTube subscribers, Art for Kids Hub is a household name in the how-to-draw YouTube channels for the kids’ world. 


Mommy Lab

Your child can learn how to draw simple, fun, bold drawings with Mommy Lab tutorials. This channel has videos on how to draw countless fun cartoon-style drawings of everything from elves and animals to recreating your child’s favorite Disney characters. Mommy Lab drawing tutorials break down complex-looking drawings and make them simple for your kids to learn themselves. Your child will certainly be proud of their work!


Draw Toy TV

This fun YouTube channel has easy tutorials to teach your child how to draw things in their everyday life like toys, household items, and more. Draw Toy TV uses lots of fun, bright colors to make their drawings really pop. With short videos typically under 5 minutes long, Draw Toy TV will have your kids drawing like a pro in no time!


Cartooning Club How to Draw

For the more advanced artists in your home, Cartooning Club How to Draw is a great Youtube channel to help your child perfect their art skills. This channel offers in-depth tutorials on how to draw complex cartoon characters with incredible depth and accuracy. 


If your child is already a hobby artist or is a lover of a certain cartoon character, Cartooning Club How to Draw is a great channel for them to help create a professional-looking cartoon drawing step by step. 


Kids Coloring Pages 

To create fun, coloring-book style drawings from home with your child, check out Kids Coloring Pages. This fun channel has tutorials for all seasons and holidays as well as fun drawings like Disney princesses and animals.  The tutorials on Kids Coloring Pages are only 3-15 minutes on average, so they will be sure to hold your child’s attention while they work on creating beautiful drawings.


Yours Truly Arts

Yours Truly Arts is a great channel for kids who are just starting to show an interest in drawing or may have a short attention span. The videos on this channel are short and simple, usually only a few minutes long.

By watching Yours Truly Arts videos, your child can learn some simple and fun drawings that are done just in black marker. This is a great way to help them learn the fundamentals of drawing without getting overwhelmed with colors and shading etc.



Your child can learn fun, bright, cartoon-style drawings in just a few minutes per video from watching DRAW TAK tutorials. These tutorials are perfect for younger kids with smaller hands because most of the drawings are big and bold. DRAW TAK tutorials are great because they can teach your child the basics of drawing with a fun, creative flair because of the rich colors and fun details they include to make everyday items come alive on paper.


Smart Kids Art

The tutorials on Smart Kids Art are fun because they have a unique method where they use letters and numbers as the starting point for some of their drawings. For example, they have a tutorial on how to make a snowman out of the number 8. Smart Kids Art teaches great basic drawing techniques for children and sometimes adds the fun flair of being able to learn about letters, numbers, and shapes at the same time. This is a great learning opportunity and can promote great curiosity. 


Draw So Cute

The hub for learning how to draw all things cute and adorable, Draw So Cute, is a great Youtube channel to introduce to your kids. With countless tutorials on how to draw animals and other characters with cute, cartoon-like eyes, Draw So Cute has millions of loyal fans. The tutorials on Draw So Cute are simple and will make your child an expert in all things cute when it comes to drawing. 


Rapid Fire Art

For older children who want to really hone their craft withdrawing, Rapid Fire Art has tutorials that will make your child draw like an expert. With in-depth tutorials on how to perfect different aspects of pencil drawing, including facial features, shading, and more, these tutorials are definitely advanced. With over 1.3 million loyal subscribers on YouTube, Rapid Fire Art will help your kids take their drawing skills to the next level. Although these drawing tutorials look very complicated, Rapid Fire Art breaks things down in a simple way that will surprise you. 


Bonus Video: Muffalo Potato

Muffalo Potato is a YouTube channel with over 170,000 subscribers. This is an excellent choice for children because the creator, John, utilizes bright colors and puppets to keep his content exciting and engaging, while his drawings are extremely unique.


John doesn’t just teach your children how to draw fun cartoon pictures, but he teaches them how to draw, starting with letters or numbers, then adding details and definitions to turn them into something completely different. 


In one video, John teaches you how to draw a sleeping cat, starting the picture with the number six. In another video, kids can learn to draw the Grinch, starting with the letter M, using the number 3, then the letter V, and so forth. This is an amazing way to get kids to draw and improve their skills, as well as incorporate letters and numbers into the mix.


Benefits of YouTube Drawing Videos

Social media has had a monstrous effect on the way we learn and the way we obtain information. YouTube was one of the first social media platforms that introduced the concept of creating videos that can help people while at the same time benefiting the content creator. 


Here are a few of the advantages of utilizing YouTube drawing videos to help your kids learn to draw.


1. It is Free

It’s pretty safe to assume, most people enjoy looking to YouTube for tutorials because the content is free. YouTube pay’s its creators based on the number of views they receive. This is beneficial to viewers because they receive quality information and lessons without having to pay a dime.  Now, there is a fee for monthly subscriptions for things like live T.V, ad-free videos, special content, etc. However, this isn’t required to watch the millions of videos on YouTube, including all of the kid’s drawing guides. 


2. There is a Large Selection

While being free is a huge advantage, the size of the video collection they provide is just as amazing.  YouTube has tons of different kid’s art channels to choose from that can help you find the best options for your children.  You can search for videos based on age, skill level, interests, and so much more. Once your kid finishes with one video, you won’t have to wait for the next one to come out; you can quickly move on to another channel or a different video by the same creator. If you really liked a video, but there are no more from that specific channel, you can take a quick look at the suggestion on the right side of the page. Here YouTube has a list of channels that are related to the one you just watched, giving you tons of options to choose from.


3. You Are Not Obligated to Stay with One Video

It’s very common to get sucked into a video or tutorial based on a screenshot or description that sounds interesting and fun. However, there are many occasions when the class isn’t what it looks like and might not be your cup of tea. Unlike other sources, like specific online classes, art classes, etc., you can quickly and easily exit the video you are watching if you don’t like the instructor, pictures they are drawing, the medium they are using, etc.


4. Kids Can Easily Learn to Work on This Platform

YouTube is a very simple and straightforward platform that kids can quickly learn to navigate no matter their age. This is ideal for parents who are looking for a way to help their kids learn to draw when they are not able to sit with them the entire time.  Kids can quickly figure out how to pause the video when they fall behind, rewind the content if they get confused, or change the video if it seems to be too hard, easy, or not very interesting.


5. You Can Choose Based on Popularity and Likes

It can be extremely frustrating to get minutes into a video just to realize that it isn’t what you thought or is poor-quality, then have to start the search process all over again. When you are using YouTube videos to teach kids how to draw, you have the ability to see how many viewers have used their videos, what they thought of them, and how many subscribers the channel has. All of these things can help you get an idea of whether that particle tutorial is worth your time.


Summing Things Up

If your child comes to you with an interest in learning how to draw, you don’t have to worry about finding local classes that fit into your schedules or pay an absurd amount of money for special classes. YouTube is full of professional and talented content creators that can teach your kids how to draw in great ways that will help build their skills and confidence while keeping them excited and interested in learning.


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