Dr. Nicholas C. Styles

I’m the founder and CEO of Children Story Time.  My background has a strong academic foundation.  Over the course of my academic career, I have managed to earn an Associates of Arts, a Bachelor’s degree with two majors (ie. History & Political Science, with a minor in East Asian Studies), two Master degrees, one in Public Affairs and the other an MBA, and finally a Doctorate in Education.  My academic journey helped me to cultivate the idea and model for Children Story Time.  

I also have an extensive military background, serving honorably in the Marine Corps for two years.  In my free time, I love to practice many different forms of martial arts.  Currently my rank in American karate is 2nd degree black belt and in Aikido, I’m a 2nd kyu (ie. which is 2 levels from black belt).  I’ve recently incorporated two additional martial arts programs in my training, which are Capoeira and Kendo.  Capoeira is a Brazilian art that focuses on low movements and acrobatics.  Kendo is Japanese sword fighting.  I’m also an amateur photographer and I absolutely love to experiment in the kitchen perfecting my recipes. I can make an amazing Spanish Paella!

  • Name: Dr. Nicholas C. Styles
  • Nickname: Doc Styles, Nick, Klaus, Triple Threat, Styles
  • Favorite Hobby: Reading
  • Favorite Foods: Anything Italian, Garbe, Homemade Spaghetti (ie. fresh ingredients), steak, sushi
  • Favorite Game: Monopoly.
  • Favorite Video Game: Currently God of War, Super Mario Brothers (8 bit system)
  • Favorite Childhood Story: Mythologies (ie. Greek, Roman, etc.)
  • Favorite Candy or Dessert: Southern Pecan Pie with Bourbon Ice Cream
  • Pet’s Name and what kind of pet? I don’t have one, but I suppose my best friends’ dog Sammy, who is 1/2 Labrador and 1/2 pit bull.
  • Favorite Characters in a cartoon, comic, or Anime? Lord Beerus and Vegeta (ie. Dragonball Z series)
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: People who cannot take responsibility for their actions
  • Spirit/Totem Animal: Lion
  • Favorite color(s): Red, Yellow-Gold
  • Favorite Quote: I have two: This is not the End, nor is it the beginning of the end, this is merely the end of the beginning! & Chance favors the prepared mind!
    1. Education: I have 2 master degrees and 1 doctorate. My masters are in Public Affairs and Business Administration and my doctorate is in education.


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    For the last several years, I’ve tried to maintain a certain level of lifestyle that I could afford, while pursuing my academic goals. These hobbies reflect a balance that’s needed to pursue my goals.

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    I love to Read, I’ve read thousands of books ranging in different topics. I try to read at least one book a week. My current favorite: Machiavelli, “The Prince” and Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

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    Cooking is a passion of mine. I try to create at least 5 new dishes per month with new recipes. I suppose I have a gift in culinary skills. I would like to contribute these skills to my grandmother’s teachings…

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    I love to practice yoga and meditation. This activity really boosts my internal energy and helps to cleanse all the toxins out of my body. The mediation helps me to calm my mind and become more focused and centered.